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How To Prepare And What To Prepare For Interview ?

Interview-Prepare for the Job Interview

It would be surely unwise to walk straight onto an important interview without doing any preparation in advance. The better prepared you are, the better your chances getting the job. Of course, you’ve already worked on your application and CV in order to get this far but having made it through to interview stage, it’s time for some more homework. Check your resume/ bio-data /application form meticulously. Several questions in the interview are based on the resume/ bio-data/ application form, you have already submitted. Prepare answers about the hobbies, about your present / past job etc.

Put yourself in interviewer’s shoes. The interviewer has to decide which of the candidates will deliver the goods. A number of candidates have been called for the interview. All are otherwise eligible for the job. One of you may be far more experienced than another, but experience alone is not the only criterian for selection. A candidate with team spirits may matter more or a candidate having skills of using a particular piece of software may also be more valuable. The interviewers have to evaluate your skills as per the requirement of the job and it is going to be a difficult decision to make. All the candidates have strong and weak points, and the interviewer will have to weigh each of these up against each other vis-a-vis the job requirements.

The secret of success in an interview lies in judging before hand what is required by the employer, what are the priorities and what the employer prefers. You should play the role of a sales person and make the necessary preparation a sales person would do before winning a big order. Here actually you are to sell yourself and your interviewer is playing the role of a customer.

  • Research the organisation you’re applying to.
  • Prepare your own case.
  • Dressing code, very important
  • Communication skill plays very crucial role in your success:
  • Your body language can ruin your Interview:
  • The day of interview:
  • Nervousness, causes and controlling
  • Your Hobbies and Interests
  • Make a good first impression
  • Be prepared for the question-answer drill.

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