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Top Programming Questions Asked In Interview

Top Programming Questions

There are many requirements of a good programmer beyond technical skills. Learn some common questions employers may use in a programmer interview.

1. What is difference between dos based and windows based programming?

2. Importance Of Assembly Language to Other Programming Language

3. Which are best books/websites from I can learn Apple-Iphone applications programming..?

4. What is a variable is programming?

5. What are priority queues in c programming?

6. How do you solve a linear programming problem?

7. How do you open chm file in java programming?

8. What is ifdef and endif in c language programming?

9. How to make a calendar using c programming?

10. What is an event driven programming language?

11. How does the java programming language work?

12. Who invented the dot net programming language?

13. What is the definition of internet programming?

14. What is an ISO file & how do I open files using it?

15. What are exceptions in a programming language?

16. How is object oriented programming language easier to use than procerdural programming language?

17. Here’s the problem: error: class names, ‘what,up’, are only accepted if annotation processing is explicitly requested

18. What is else if in c programming language?

19. What is modularity in computer programming?

20. Computer software applications and programming technician?

21. Virus programming in c?

22. Who created the perl programming language?

23. Overhead door 456 model programming

24. Programming keyless entry fob

25. What are the major computer programming language?

26. Difference between object and class?

27. Explain the advantages of using control arrays in visual basic programming?

28. What are the concepts of object oriented programming?

29. Bzero function in socket programming?


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