Interview Tips

26 Tips For Succeeding At A Job Interview

Tips For Succeeding At A Job Interview

Don’ts for interview

1. Do not sit folded arms but keep the hands open.

2. While sitting with the interviewer do not keep on adjusting your tie nervously.

3. Do not run your hands through your hair.

4. Crossed legs posture in an interview should be avoided.

5. Do not put your sunglasses, suitcase, or your hands on the interview table.

6. Avoid chewing gum in the interview room.

7. Avoid excessive use of perfumes.

8. Do not talk much at the reception of the office or with other applicants. Be highly reserved.

9. Yawning, rubbing nose or eyes, scratching head, popping knuckles etc., may be avoided.

10. Do not keep your hands in your pocket or on the hips, nor tap with fingers on the table or chair.

11. Do not enter into any argument with the interviewer. Try to have smooth conversation.

12. Do not criticize or bad mouth anybody, especially your exemployers.

13. Do not enter the room without knocking unless permitted to enter.

14. Do not sit or offer hand unless the interviewer is keen on both. Please wait till you are asked to sit. Please note that no interviewer in the world will continue the interview while you are standing. It is a matter of 2 or 3 seconds of your patience.

15. Do not ask for water to drink if the interviewer asks your choice of tea / coffee. Try to go with his choice.

16. Do not use a cell phone in the interview room; put it in the silent mode, so that you can take action on the missed calls later.

17. Do not impulsively say anything that comes to your mind. Think first and speak in a gentle voice with a smile.

18. Do not speak too fast or slow; your smartness could be revealed through your words in a convincing way.

19. Do not smoke or chew pan before or during the interview. 20.Do not confuse yourself with salary, commission, incentive, and bonus but ask about growth plans of the company and the like.

21. Do not lie in the interview; Remember you have to tell another ten lies to cover up one He.

22. Do not be over-confident; over-enthusiastic or over-smart in the interview.

23. Do not be overly friendly or informal with the interviewers. Let the interviewer set the tone.

24. Do not exaggerate your past salary and your capabilities.

25. Do not look at your watch. Let the interviewer be the timekeeper.

26. Do not discuss the progress of your other job interviews with the interviewer.


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