10 Tips For A Successful Job Search

Successful Job Search

1. Create a support system for yourself emotionally and for your job search. Identify allies that you can count on. Know some will have strengths in one area, but weaknesses in another. Recognize different people will play different roles in your job search.

2. Maintain a positive attitude. Inevitably, negative feelings can sabotage your job search. If you have anger about your former employer, work through it. Negative emotions will undermine your best efforts. Keep yourself renewed and enthusiastic throughout the process.

3. Network. The number one way of getting a job is through networking. Even if you are involved in the computer industry, less than 10% of jobs are obtained through the Internet. Devote energy to making real, valuable connections with people.

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4. Develop a schedule and goals. Getting a job is of course the ultimate goal, but it is impossible to predict when you will achieve it. Develop daily and weekly schedules of job search activities you can control. For example, send out 10 resumes, research 5 companies and call 10 people in your network. This will keep you on track, and focused.

5. Know what you want. People need to work for money and benefits. But remember other components are necessary for you to feel satisfied in the workplace. Know what motivates and satisfies you. Know which environment you’re most productive in. Know what you can compromise on and what you won’t.

6. Always have a “Plan B”. The best time to accelerate your job search is when you’ve just had the greatest interview of your life. You’re feeling confident, enthusiastic and competent. This is the time to expand your networking, follow-up on contacts and schedule new interviews. Remember, even the most promising prospect can backfire.

7. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Exercise and eating right can’t go wrong-they are proven to enhance quality of life. Celebrate your creativity and find ways to engage your mind, body and spirit.

8. Research companies before the interview. Find out about the company through your local library and Internet. Request an annual financial report and promotional information from the company. Ninety percent of the other job seekers don’t do their homework, be the one that stands out.

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9. Know what you have to offer. Identify your relevant skills and accomplishments. Know the unique contributions you offered former employers. Be able to articulate your strengths on your resume and in the interview.

10. Think outside the box during your job search. Look for unexpected opportunities; explore untapped skills and interests. Open yourself up to new possibilities


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