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Small Company vs A Corporation? What’s Best For You?

While many people may be tempted to take up the first job that comes their way to take care of the bills and huge student loans that need to be repaid, others may mull over this decision for quite some time and select a company that fits their goals and needs.

The job market today is extremely competitive, and if you want to work with a company that suits your job requirements, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of working with both small and big organizations.

Benefits Of Working For Small Companies

You need to choose your work environment carefully where you can showcase your talents and pave your way to a fulfilling career. Working with a small company has its own advantages. When you choose to work for a smaller organization, you stand a greater chance of being noticed. You don’t get lost in the crowd – and if you are strong performer, you will get faster promotions and pay raises.

Small companies are the ones that have a total workforce of five hundred or less. These companies are generally fast-paced and it is a lot easier to excel, provided you have the talent required to reach the top. If you lack specialization in a particular field, but have the ability to learn new skills and handle variety of projects, you can easily get a good job in smaller organizations. In fact, by being involved in multiple projects, you gain more experience and become more competent.

In the past, people chose large companies as they offered better job security. However, with the current trend of employee downsizing among large organizations, there is little or no job security in the first place. Unlike large companies, in small organizations you get to interact with the top management. This goes a long way in building a loyal and committed workforce.

Benefits Of Working For Large Companies

Large companies usually have a workforce comprising of about two thousand or more employees who compete with one another to reach the top positions that are usually limited. Most people choose to work with large companies because of the benefits that they are offered. More than eighty percent of these companies offer health care packages to all their employees and their families. They may also offer other benefits such as paid vacations, paid holidays, retirement benefits, and full-coverage health insurance.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a large company is that generally, you can start off with a higher salary as compared to smaller companies. Large companies operate in a more structured manner and salary increments, bonuses and promotions are linked to the performance of the company and the organization. As an employee of a corporation, you have access to a variety of training programs that are designed to hone your business skills and upgrade your technical knowledge.

Since these companies have a wide network, you may get a chance to relocate to your favorite destination for better living opportunities. Large companies provide a stable work environment and the growth of the company largely depends on the team spirit of the workforce.

Your choice of organization should be based on quality of work experience you will gain rather than the size of the organization. If you have the talent and the expertise, you will quickly climb the corporate ladder irrespective of the size of the company.


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