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How To Prepare For The Job Interview ? With 40 Useful Tips

Prepare For The Job Interview

Systematic preparation is the first step and will help you perform confidently during any interview. Preparation starts with physical appearance, interview documents and ofcourse. for expected questions and their appropriate answers.

A firm handshake, proper eye contact and non-verbal communication like a smile will help you gain quick receptivity before an interview panel. Movements, gestures and facial expressions are very important during an interview; hence understanding and preparation for all this will contribute greatly to your performance.

A few practical points to abide by are listed below:

1. Maintain good hygiene. Personal hygiene often leaves more of a lasting impression than your interview performance.

2. A good haircut a couple of days before and regular shaving on the day of interview for men and a light makeup for ladies are desirable.

3. If you are looking for a sales job that requires appealing personality, then go in for a face massage to keep your face glowing.

4. Reserve the day before the interview for yourself only, it helps improve our concentration and thereby the confidence.

5. Avoid movies. TV etc.. on the previous day. Spend time relaxing and reading something light. Commit all your care to God.

6. Avoid stress/hectic travelling on the previous day because it may create unpleasant tension in your body and mind.

7. Never pick quarrels or unnecessary arguments at home or outside on the day of interview. Instead remain in a peaceful mood, as it will improve your performance in the interview.

8. Check your eating habits; eat only half of your normal diet. A full stomach gives a lazy look to the face. Your mind will work better on a light stomach too.

9. Steamed food or a mix of fruits and vegetable salad is all I shall recommend as dinner, the day before the interview.

10. Avoid heavy or spicy food/cigarettes and alcohol on the previous day as they may upset your stomach.

11. A refreshing bath on the previous evening is recommended for relaxed facial appearance both for men and women.

12. Go to bed early on the day before the interview.

13. Clean and shining teeth are a pre-requisite for a good smile.

14. An early morning gentle walk in the open helps you relax before the interview.

15. Your clothes and accessories should tastefully match, keep them neatly ironed and wrinkle free. Take a second look to iron out wrinkles and also think how your dress will appear after one hour of traveling in a car or train.

16. Instead of using perfumes, deodorants are recommended.

17. If your job demands the use of a necktie, keep it ready with a double knot and make it match the rest of your outfit. The tie should not be conspicuous but pleasant.

18. Keep freshly polished shoes for the interview day as many a great suit is let down by dirty shoes.

19. Nails should be well manicured and need to be slightly polished for women.

20. Women should wear neatly ironed cool cotton in summer or silk in the winter season.

21. Women should maintain well-combed hair but a fuss-free hairstyle.

22. Avoid wearing clothes that are tight, revealing or untrendy.

23. Makeup should be done tastefully but sparingly.

24. Jewelry should be minimal and in good taste.

25. Women should be modest and show willingness to adapt to any respectable working environment.

26. Collect and understand the information about competitive products, opportunities, pricing, promotion strategies and general trends. In addition to that, be abreast of government rules, new laws, acts and the like relating to your interview.

27. Keep track of details of similar industries in general and this organization in particular.

28. Write down the anticipated questions with answers and practice them, so that you don’t fumble for words during the interview.

29. Three hard copies of the covering letter and resume should be in your bag, one for the interviewer, one for you to refer during the interview for any clarifications and one as a spare copy to cover eventualities.

30. Three passport size photos should always be at your disposal and one of them can be gem clipped along with your resume.

31. Two sets of photocopies of all certificates and testimonials should be kept with you and be used as and when needed.

32. Originals of all certificates and testimonials should be available with you, if possible well laminated. This is a healthy habit and reflects orderliness.

33. A list of check reference of two people with their addresses and their latest telephone numbers may be kept ready.

34. If you are not sure of the venue of the interview, then pay a casual but quiet visit to the spot beforehand. Make sure that you do not introduce yourself to anyone. If the venue is far off, it is better to reach the place a day before and locate the place.

35. Reach the venue about 5 minutes before time and introduce yourself at the reception. A smiling face and soft-spoken words are recommended for this occasion. Your first impression in certain cases may be made here. Many organizations place highly skilled people at the reception and take their feedback seriously.

36. If time permits you may pay a quick visit to the washroom for a “fresh-up” and if possible have a mouthwash to avoid bad breath.

37. If you feel that you are nervous, then take five deep breaths in the washroom itself in a minute. Moisturize a corner of your handkerchief and keep it for five seconds on each eye. Take a glass of water. All these will help you quickly drive away your anxiety and you will be in a positive mood to face the interview.

38. Shed your ego, fear and anxiety before entering the interview room.

39. When your turn comes, walk slowly to the “door, knock gently at the door twice and enter the room and ask, “May I come in Sir’,.(Sometimes the interviewers will be discussing the last candidate’s performance and may be having light moments among themselves.) In this situation if you walk-in without permission it will create a bad impression. It is therefore recommended that you knock twice and open the door gently and say politely “May I come in Sir/Sirs”. If you hear ‘yes’ or a gesture allowing you to enter, then slowly and gently close the door behind you but please take care that you do not make a noise. (Do not bang the door).

40. It is desirable to ask intelligent questions of common interest during the interview, if opportunity arises. Prepare some in advance. This would ease the charged atmosphere of an interview.


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