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If your top goal for 2019 is to find a fulfilling job with a supportive employer, then you need to fine-tune your search to capture employers with a strong focus on employee wellness.

Your journey to finding a job that promotes living well and doing well should begin by seeking companies with a comprehensive employee onboarding process.

Additionally, you should consider employers who value a balanced lifestyle, professional development, and family relationships. Below are five qualities to seek in potential employers as you launch your job search.

1. Look For Companies That Encourage A Balanced Lifestyle

Employees are increasingly seeking employment opportunities that enable them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Workers who are struggling to care for young children and aging parents are especially likely to seek a job at a company where a healthy work-life balance is encouraged.

To many employees, achieving work-life balance means making meaningful contributions outside their place of employment. Examples include the following:

  • Participation in volunteer and community action activities
  • Involvement in Parent Teacher Association (PTA) events for children
  • Having time to maintain their homes and enhance their personal properties
  • The ability to attend religious services as desired
  • Time to go to the gym or maintain a regular exercise regime
  • Mechanisms to ensure that employees do not work an unhealthy number of hours
  • The ability to work from home as necessary

2. Consider Employers With An Irresistible Onboarding Package

A comprehensive onboarding process plays a critical role in an employee’s ability to enjoy a healthy, stress-free adjustment to a new job.

Supportive onboarding is especially critical to employees who are considering relocating from another state to take a new job.

While they do not necessarily demand a mansion with a panic room and hidden doors, new employees often require help securing housing, moving assistance, and new communication devices. Below are some features that comprise an attractive employee onboarding package:

  • Comfortable short-term housing or assistance with apartment rentals to employees who relocate from other states
  • A robust training program that includes full compensation and coverage of any travel expenses
  • Assistance with the relocation process or financial assistance with truck or van rentals
  • A company-paid phone, tablet, and other equipment, plus complete gadget protection for all of your devices
  • The use of gamification, incentives, and online learning activities to make training fun and engaging
  • The creation of your online employee profile, complete with a professional headshot

3. Choose An Employer With A Strong Focus On Your Overall Health

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Employers should not limit their focus to maintaining the physical health of employees. They should stress the importance of preventive medicine and offer resources to support the mental health of their workers.

Below are some qualities to seek in an employer that illustrate a commitment to improving all aspects of their employees’ health:

  • Employee assistance programs that include counseling or mental health therapy
  • Health plans that feature annual on-site flu shot vaccinations for employees
  • Employers who support chiropractic care for work related injuries
  • Incentives for employees who receive medical and dental checkups as recommended
  • Ongoing safety training and injury prevention programs
  • Employers with on-site gyms or employers who offer reimbursement for gym memberships
  • Intra-office sports teams and employee participation in intramural activities or community athletic events

4. Seek Employers Who Encourage Your Personal And Professional Development

Your growth as an employee and as a member of the community should be a top priority for prospective employers.

Furthering your education and training are two key goals that an employer should support as you strive to grow as a person.

There are many signs that an employer will foster your personal growth and development, including the following:

  • A long-term history of participation in community volunteer activities
  • Ongoing training and skill development opportunities for workers
  • Tuition reimbursement and continued education courses for employees
  • Tools to promote financial responsibility and wise financial investing
  • Incentives for employees who voluntarily complete advanced training programs
  • Support to employees who are taking classes to learn a foreign language
  • Financial support and paid time off for employees to obtain certifications and licenses

5. Focus On Employers Who Recognize The Value Of Family

A growing number of employees are struggling to manage their job responsibilities while taking care of their small children and aging parents.

Offering flexible scheduling options is one of the best ways for employers to show employees that they support employees’ familial obligations.

With over 40% of employees valuing flexible scheduling over compensation, many employers are responding by offering employees the ability to choose their work hours.

Other ways for employers to show that they value employees and their families include the following:

  • The availability of on-site child care or financial assistance with daycare
  • Time off for employees to arrange assisted living for aging parents or the availability of elder care support
  • Sponsoring a career day for children of employees to spend the day at work with their parents
  • Offering scheduling adjustments to parents who need to take children and aging parents to healthcare appointments
  • Office events and parties that include employees, spouses and family members
  • A generous paid time off (PTO) program to allow employees time to take vacations with their families
  • Availability of a comprehensive health care package that includes dental, vision, and pet insurance

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