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Online Casino Management Certificate Online


Casino managers oversee all aspects of a casino including staff, surveillance, cash supply, and gaming tables. Learn about the programs and courses that can prepare you for this job, as well as how to study online.

Online education is available at the bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate levels for casino managers. You can choose to focus on casino management, or on a wider field such as hospitality and tourism management.

What do I need to know about Casino Management Degree Online Programs (O2C)?

Undergraduate programs in online gaming and management are also available. An undergraduate certificate is the most popular educational option, however associate’s degrees in the field can also be available. Associate’s and bachelors degrees are available online in related fields, such as hospitality management. These programs provide valuable training for potential casino managers.

To participate in distance learning, you will need an Internet connection and a computer. You may need specific software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office Suite. A CD-ROM drive, printer, and an operating system are also required. You will need to keep up with your courses, so it is a good idea to be self-motivated.

What admission requirements do I have to meet?

A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma is sufficient to satisfy the admission requirements for undergraduate and certificate programs in casino management. Some certificate programs require that students have at least completed college-level coursework, or have extensive experience in the hospitality sector.

What Classes Are Available?

Management of a casino requires knowledge from a variety of subjects. Business courses cover both the fundamentals of business and industry-specific topics. Students must also fulfill general education requirements in both bachelor’s and associate degree programs.

These are some courses that deal with casino management.

  1. Casino Marketing
  2. Security, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Casino Operations
  3. Gaming and Social Policy
  4. Analyse Financial Analysis of Casinos and Resorts
  5. Casino Human Resources

Which Schools Offer Online Certificates in Casino Management?

There are many colleges and universities in the country that offer online certificates in casino management.

  • Undergraduates with at least 24 credits of college coursework and two years of experience in the industry can apply for the University of Massachusetts Certificate in Casino Management.
  • The University of Southern Mississippi offers an online bachelor’s degree in casino management.
  • Northwest Indian College offers a variety of online courses that lead to an Award of Completion for Tribal Casino Management.

What Online Schools Offer Associate’s Degrees in Casino Management?

Only a handful of schools offer an online associate’s program in casino management. There are many schools that offer hospitality management associate’s degrees that will prepare you for a career. Here are some options:

  • State University of New York (SUNY Broome) offers an associate of applied science (AAS), degree program in casino management online.
  • Atlantic Cape Community College offers an AAS in Hospitality Management online degree program that prepares students to work in casinos.
  • Monroe College’s online AAS program in Hospitality Management provides relevant coursework for potential casino managers.

What are my options at the bachelor’s degree level?

Although bachelor’s degrees are not offered in casino management, interested students can obtain relevant training through bachelors degree programs for hospitality management. You may be able to transfer credits from a certificate program towards a bachelor’s.

  • Students can either apply casino management credits towards their online Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Massachusetts or can take individual courses.
  • Concordia University-Saint Paul offers an online Bachelor of Arts program in Hospitality Management that provides relevant coursework for future casino managers.
  • Students can get a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Business Management online through Washington State University. This will prepare them for jobs at restaurants, hotels, and tourist destinations such as casinos.
    Online certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs can be found for students interested in careers in casino management.

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