What Is AARP? How And Where To Play AARP Games?

AARP Games

Aarp Games Linked to Aging

Our lives have become quite fast-paced and so break times are few and far between. If you manage to get some free time you should consider yourself lucky enough. This time that you have at your disposal should be used to create something that is much more viable.

So, what are your favorite past time activities? Some people say that they enjoy dancing, social work, or going to the gym in these times. However, there are some of them who also want to earn some extra bucks during their leisure time.

For those who love gaming here are some games that could help you relax as well as keep the money coming.

Game Destination

Here we are talking about the Game destination which in this case is Aarp games. A unique platform the Aarp games has a vast game collection to offer and the proceeds are allotted to social causes as well.

1. Bubble Dragons Saga

An easy to grasp game the levels keep getting tougher as the player moves ahead. Pop the bubbles, clear the levels, and finish your journey. Get a chance to unlock boosts and even shoot at bubbles to get more interesting powers.

2. Canfield Solitaire

You must have won too many rounds of Solitaire but Canfield Solitaire is a notch higher. What you can do is to build your skills in the easy levels and then only proceed to the tough and challenging ones. Victory would be all yours in some time.

3. Codeword

Place all correct letters into the grid given and decode the words. Each number would be related to a letter and therefore every placement would give a clue about the puzzle. Once you are able to do the first few words, you will be able to tackle the rest too.

4. Knife Smash

An exciting game Knife smash gets you to throw the knives on the objects spinning on the screen. However, you should be careful that you do not hit the other knives. You may collect apples and then use them to get the special knives or increase the life of your game.

6. Lumeno

Just connect the dots and lighten the path on which you are moving. Go side to side or up and down and diagonally to join similar colored dots to get some points in return.

7. MathDoku

Is maths your favorite subjects or Sudoku really enthralls you? The Mathdoku is a combination of both but there is a twist lying. You have to add, subtract, multiply, and divide to finally get the solution.

8. Themed Crossword

How about getting a new crossword puzzle every day to tackle? The crosswords are easy and help you rack your brains. What’s more every day you have a new theme and hence a unique and new puzzle to deal with.

9. Mah-jongg Candy

Use candy images given on the tiles and match with the corresponding tiles present. A very intriguing game indeed.

10. 10×10

An interpretation of Tetris, this one is sure to get you attracted. Just keep fitting the blocks on the grid and fill the columns and rows as you clear them. However, once you are unable to fit the pieces the game is finished.

11. Ballistic

A typical ball shooting game you just need to drag and then point and shoot at the tiles and eliminate them. For better results collect as many balls as you require. But, when the tiles land on the floor your game is over hence be careful.

FAQ About AARP Games

What is AARP?

AARP is the short form for the American Association of retired persons. This is a non-profitable organization whose aim is to help the retired people in fulfilling their dreams. This company was found by Leonard Avis and Ethel Percy Andrus and boasted of having 38 million members in 2018.

How and Where to Play AARP Games?

You may be confused about where you may get to access the AARP games. Go to website and register there in order to play these games. These games have their own app and website too and if you have a membership you definitely get better and useful privileges.

AARP Membership Offers

The AARP membership is available at a moderate price of $16 for a year. As part of this membership, you can avail of other AARP facilities that include health, insurance, travel benefits, entertainment, and restaurants, etc.


So friends if you are looking forward to keeping yourself busy in your free time then come and register on the AARP website. Just doing this small effort would get you loads of benefits and the fun of playing exciting games as well.


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