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StreamEast Is Safe
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Nowadays, we want free entertainment. Since the world has gone digital internet has become the source to provide all kinds of free content. StreamEast is one such website, and it offers viewers to watch live games for free. Not only that, viewers can choose any kind of content without worrying about any disruptions. However, people raise the objection to whether StreamEast UFC live is safe or not. Here we will tell you all details. Is StreamEast safe? Many people are worried that StreamEast is not safe. It is this concern that stops them from using it frequently. StreamEast offers multiple games for the viewers to watch. These include famous names like cricket, golf, NFL, soccer, etc. However, the content shown is copyrighted. People say that showing such copyrighted content is not fair at all. Some countries warn against watching such games online, But other countries could be more severe. They could punish the viewers rather severely. Hence it is advised to find out if in your country using streameast MMA is safe or not, Is Stream East safe to use? Streameast offers only legit content for its viewers. So we can say that the site is valuable and safe for the users. But you cannot forget that the site is pirated. Hence there is no harm in taking specific measures before you start using the website. If you are worried about Privacy, you could use a VPN. With a VPN, the chances of you getting caught using the Streameast would reduce. UFC streameast would never bother you with ads. So in that regards the website is a good choice if you want to watch good sports from your home. Also, this website does not put in any malware on your computer. You can safely browse the website, and there will be no privacy problems if you use a VPN. How do I watch StreamEast? Stream east MLB allows users to watch any kind of sports event online from their homes. Sports buffs try to follow every sports game, and Stream East makes it possible. To watch your favorite game, you do not have to do something out of the ordinary. Just log into their website, i.e., streameast. Now choose the sport you want to watch, and it will start playing on your device. Is StreamEast illegal? Most of the countries are very strict about copyright laws. So much so that they have enforced strict laws to see that no one watches pirated content. If you are in any of these countries, you could be prosecuted for watching copyrighted content. We will like to tell you about countries and their take on piracy. Piracy is illegal in the following countries: France, Germany, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Japan, Portugal, Latvia, Russia, the United States, and South Africa. Piracy is legal in : Poland, Spain, and Switzerland Piracy is illegal, but no significant punishments are given: Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Denmark, India, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Iran, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Singapore, Romania, Uruguay, and Slovenia Check where you are based on deciding if it is safe to use StreamEast. You can always use a VPN to escape the eyes of the authorities. Summing up Using StreamEast NBA live is not illegal as such. But since its content is copyrighted, you could be prosecuted. It is always to use preventive measures while browsing the website. Once you start using a VPN, you can browse as much sports-related content as you want. Original Source: streameast live Top streameast Alternative crackstreams sportsurge crack streams bilasport 6streams methstreams buffstream footybite bilasports volokit

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Casino managers oversee all aspects of a casino including staff, surveillance, cash supply, and gaming tables. Learn about the programs and courses that can prepare you for this job, as well as how to study online. Online education is available at the bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate levels for casino managers. You can choose to focus on casino management, or on a wider field such as hospitality and tourism management. What do I need to know about Casino Management Degree Online Programs (O2C)? Undergraduate programs in online gaming and management are also available. An undergraduate certificate is the most popular educational option, however associate’s degrees in the field can also be available. Associate’s and bachelors degrees are available online in related fields, such as hospitality management. These programs provide valuable training for potential casino managers. To participate in distance learning, you will need an Internet connection and a computer. You may need specific software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office Suite. A CD-ROM drive, printer, and an operating system are also required. You will need to keep up with your courses, so it is a good idea to be self-motivated. What admission requirements do I have to meet? A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma is sufficient to satisfy the admission requirements for undergraduate and certificate programs in casino management. Some certificate programs require that students have at least completed college-level coursework, or have extensive experience in the hospitality sector. What Classes Are Available? Management of a casino requires knowledge from a variety of subjects. Business courses cover both the fundamentals of business and industry-specific topics. Students must also fulfill general education requirements in both bachelor’s and associate degree programs. These are some courses that deal with casino management. Casino Marketing Security, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Casino Operations Gaming and Social Policy Analyse Financial Analysis of Casinos and Resorts Casino Human Resources Which Schools Offer Online Certificates in Casino Management? There are many colleges and universities in the country that offer online certificates in casino management. Undergraduates with at least 24 credits of college coursework and two years of experience in the industry can apply for the University of Massachusetts Certificate in Casino Management. The University of Southern Mississippi offers an online bachelor’s degree in casino management. Northwest Indian College offers a variety of online courses that lead to an Award of Completion for Tribal Casino Management. What Online Schools Offer Associate’s Degrees in Casino Management? Only a handful of schools offer an online associate’s program in casino management. There are many schools that offer hospitality management associate’s degrees that will prepare you for a career. Here are some options: State University of New York (SUNY Broome) offers an associate of applied science (AAS), degree program in casino management online. Atlantic Cape Community College offers an AAS in Hospitality Management online degree program that prepares students to work in casinos. Monroe College’s online AAS program in Hospitality Management provides relevant coursework for potential casino managers. What are my options at the bachelor’s degree level? Although bachelor’s degrees are not offered in casino management, interested students can obtain relevant training through bachelors degree programs for hospitality management. You may be able to transfer credits from a certificate program towards a bachelor’s. Students can either apply casino management credits towards their online Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Massachusetts or can take individual courses. Concordia University-Saint Paul offers an online Bachelor of Arts program in Hospitality Management that provides relevant coursework for future casino managers. Students can get a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Business Management online through Washington State University. This will prepare them for jobs at restaurants, hotels, and tourist destinations such as casinos. Online certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs can be found for students interested in careers in casino management.

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What Dentists Do Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth. They provide advice and instruction on taking care of the teeth and gums and on diet choices that affect oral health. Duties Dentists typically do the following: Remove decay from teeth and fill cavities Repair or remove damaged teeth Place sealants or whitening agents on teeth Administer anesthetics to keep patients from feeling pain during procedures Prescribe antibiotics or other medications Examine x rays of teeth, gums, the jaw, and nearby areas in order to diagnose problems Make models and measurements for dental appliances, such as dentures Teach patients about diets, flossing, the use of fluoride, and other aspects of dental care Dentists use a variety of equipment, including x-ray machines, drills, mouth mirrors, probes, forceps, brushes, and scalpels. They also use lasers, digital scanners, and other technologies. In addition, dentists in private practice oversee a variety of administrative tasks, including bookkeeping and buying equipment and supplies. They employ and supervise dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental laboratory technicians, and receptionists. Most dentists are general practitioners and handle a variety of dental needs. Other dentists practice in a specialty area, such as one of the following: Dental anesthesiologists administer drugs (anesthetics) to reduce or eliminate pain during a dental procedure, monitor sedated patients to keep them safe, and help patients manage pain afterward. Dental public health specialists promote good dental health and the prevention of dental diseases in specific communities. Endodontists perform root canal therapy, removing the nerves and blood supply from injured or infected teeth. Oral and maxillofacial radiologists diagnose diseases in the head and neck through the use of imaging technologies. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons operate on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, neck, and head, performing procedures such as surgically repairing a cleft lip and palate or removing impacted teeth. Oral pathologists diagnose conditions in the mouth, such as bumps or ulcers, and oral diseases, such as cancer. Orthodontists straighten teeth by applying pressure to the teeth with braces or other appliances. Pediatric dentists focus on dentistry for children and special-needs patients. Periodontists treat the gums and bones supporting the teeth. Work Environment Dentists held about 151,600 jobs in 2019. Employment in the detailed occupations that make up dentists was distributed as follows: Dentists, general 132,100 Orthodontists 7,200 Dentists, all other specialists 6,200 Oral and maxillofacial surgeons 5,600 Prosthodontists 600 The largest employers of dentists were as follows: Offices of dentists 74% Self-employed workers 15 Government 3 Offices of physicians 2 Outpatient care centers 2 Some dentists have their own business and work alone or with a small staff. Other dentists have partners in their practice. Still others work as associate dentists for established dental practices. Dentists wear masks, gloves, and safety glasses to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases. Work Schedules Dentists’ work schedules vary. Some work evenings and weekends to meet their patients’ needs. Many dentists work less than 40 hours a week, although some work considerably more. How to Become a Dentist Dentists must be licensed in the state in which they work. Licensure requirements vary by state, although candidates usually must have a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry/Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from an accredited dental program and pass written and clinical exams. Dentists who practice in a specialty area must complete postdoctoral training. Education Dentists typically need a DDS or DMD degree from a dental program that has been accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Most programs require that applicants have at least a bachelor’s degree and have completed certain science courses, such as biology or chemistry. Although no specific undergraduate major is required, programs may prefer applicants who major in a science, such as biology. Applicants to dental schools usually take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Dental schools use this test along with other factors, such as grade point average, interviews, and recommendations, to admit students into their programs. Dental school programs typically include coursework in subjects such as local anesthesia, anatomy, periodontics (the study of oral disease and health), and radiology. All programs at dental schools include clinical experience in which students work directly with patients under the supervision of a licensed dentist. As early as high school, students interested in becoming dentists can take courses in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and math. Training All dental specialties require dentists to complete additional training before practicing that specialty. This training is usually a 2- to 4-year residency in a CODA-accredited program related to the specialty, which often culminates in a postdoctoral certificate or master’s degree. Oral and maxillofacial surgery programs typically take 4 to 6 years and may result in candidates earning a joint Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree. General dentists do not need additional training after dental school. Dentists who want to teach or do research full time may need advanced dental training, such as in a postdoctoral program in general dentistry. Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations Dentists must be licensed in the state in which they work. All states require dentists to be licensed; requirements vary by state. Most states require a dentist to have a DDS or DMD degree from an accredited dental program, pass the written National Board Dental Examinations, and pass a state or regional clinical examination. In addition, a dentist who wants to practice in a dental specialty must have a license in that specialty. Licensure requires the completion of a residency after dental school and, in some cases, the completion of a special state exam. Important Qualities Communication skills. Dentists must communicate effectively with patients, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and receptionists. Detail oriented. Dentists must pay attention to the shape and color of teeth and to the space between them. For example, they may need to closely match a false tooth with a patient’s other teeth. Dexterity. Dentists must be good with their hands. They must work carefully with tools in small spaces to ensure the safety of their patients. Leadership skills. Dentists, especially those with their own practices, may need to manage staff or mentor other dentists. Organizational skills. Keeping […]

Physicians And Surgeons
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What Physicians and Surgeons Do Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Physicians examine patients; take medical histories; prescribe medications; and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They often counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries, such as broken bones; diseases, such as cancerous tumors; and deformities, such as cleft palates. There are two types of physicians, with similar degrees: M.D. (Medical Doctor) and D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Both use the same methods of treatment, including drugs and surgery, but D.O.s place additional emphasis on the body’s musculoskeletal system, preventive medicine, and holistic (whole-person) patient care. D.O.s are most likely to be primary care physicians, although they work in all specialties. Duties Physicians and surgeons typically do the following: Take a patient’s medical history Update charts and patient information to show current findings and treatments Order tests for nurses or other healthcare staff to perform Review test results to identify abnormal findings Recommend and design a plan of treatment Address concerns or answer questions that patients have about their health and well-being Help patients take care of their health by discussing topics such as proper nutrition and hygiene Physicians and surgeons work in one or more specialties. The following are examples of types of physicians and surgeons: Anesthesiologists focus on the care of surgical patients and on pain relief. They administer drugs (anesthetics) that reduce or eliminate the sensation of pain during an operation or another medical procedure. During surgery, they adjust the amount of anesthetic as needed and monitor the patient’s heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and breathing. They also provide pain relief for patients in intensive care, for women in labor, and for patients suffering from chronic pain. Cardiologists diagnose and treat diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels, such as valve problems, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Cardiologists may work with adults or specialize in pediatrics (typically newborns through age 21). Although they treat many of the same disorders in either population, cardiologists in pediatric care focus on conditions that patients are born with rather than on those that develop later in life. Dermatologists provide care for diseases relating to the skin, hair, and nails. They treat patients who may have melanoma or other skin cancers. They may offer both medical and surgical dermatology services. Emergency medicine physicians treat patients in urgent medical situations. These physicians evaluate, care for, and stabilize patients whose illness or injury requires immediate attention. Unlike many other physicians, who often choose to specialize, most emergency medical physicians are generalists. Family medicine physicians are generalists who assess and treat a range of conditions that occur in everyday life. These conditions include sinus and respiratory infections, intestinal ailments, and broken bones. Family medicine physicians typically have regular, long-term patients, who may include all members of the same household. General internal medicine physicians diagnose and provide nonsurgical treatment for a range of problems that affect internal organs and systems such as the stomach, kidneys, liver, and digestive tract. Internists use a variety of diagnostic techniques to treat patients through medication or hospitalization. Their patients are mostly adults. Neurologists diagnose and treat those with disorders of the brain and nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and epilepsy. These physicians may specialize in one or more conditions, or they may work as pediatric neurologists to diagnose and manage the care of children with autism, behavioral disorders, or other neurological conditions. Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) provide care and counsel to women regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and the female reproductive system. They also diagnose and treat health issues specific to women, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, and symptoms related to menopause. Ophthalmologists diagnose and treat conditions of the eye. Treatment may include surgery to correct vision problems or to prevent vision loss from glaucoma and other diseases. Ophthalmologists also may fit eyeglasses, prescribe contact lenses, and provide other vision services. Orthopedic surgeons diagnose and treat conditions of or injuries to the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They may specialize in certain areas of the body, such as the foot and ankle, or in a particular type of practice, such as sports medicine. Pathologists test body tissue, fluids, and organs to diagnose diseases. These physicians may choose specializations that include clinical pathology, which focuses on laboratory analysis of bodily fluids, and anatomical pathology, which focuses on examinations of tissue and other samples acquired through autopsy or surgery. Pediatricians provide care for infants, children, teenagers, and young adults. They specialize in diagnosing and treating problems specific to younger people. Most pediatricians administer vaccinations and treat common illnesses, minor injuries, and infectious diseases. Some pediatricians specialize in serious medical conditions that commonly affect younger patients, such as autoimmune disorders. Pediatric surgeons diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of disorders and diseases in fetuses, infants, children, and adolescents. These surgeons collaborate with physicians involved in a child’s medical care—including neonatologists, pediatricians, and family medicine physicians—to determine the best treatment options for the child. Psychiatrists are primary mental health physicians. They diagnose and treat mental illnesses through a combination of personal counseling (psychotherapy), psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication. Psychotherapy involves psychiatrists helping their clients change behavioral patterns and explore past experiences. Psychoanalysis involves long-term psychotherapy and counseling. Psychiatrists may prescribe medications to correct chemical imbalances that cause some mental illnesses. Radiologists review and interpret x rays and other medical images, such as ultrasounds, to diagnose injuries or diseases. They may specialize in diagnostic radiology, which involves reviewing images and recommending treatment or additional testing; interventional radiology, which includes diagnosing patients and treating them with minimally invasive techniques; or radiation oncology, which requires prescribing and overseeing radiation to treat cancer. Work Environment Many physicians and surgeons work in physicians’ offices. Others work in hospitals, in academia, or for the government. Physicians also may work as part of a group practice or healthcare organization. These settings allow them to coordinate patient care but give them less independence than solo practitioners have. Surgeons and anesthesiologists usually work in sterile environments during […]

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Making money has always been about looking for different ways in the real world and quite far away from the online scenario. But since the internet is omnipresent, many people are looking for different ways to make money online. So, in order to meet your small cash requirements or for that little pocket money, we are here to help you. and don’t mistake it for billions of dollars, we will tell you about quite small amount which will help to keep your credit card bill in check. Below given are 15 different ways which will help you to make money online. They are quite easier and all of them require nothing to extremely less capital. All of them are meant to take you through cash crisis times. Some of this money making ways might require you to move to certain places whereas some of them does not have any resemblance to any location. Also, some of them can be quite difficult at some point of time. But if you are determined to make money online then nothing can stop you. And the mind has a very important role to play here. When there is money crisis, the important part of adjustment starts taking place. The crisis mindset is mostly negative and that leads to many other complications. And when you have such situation, then you should do everything in your capacity to help yourself. Our mind is quite powerful. You won’t believe but there are more than 60,000 thoughts running across your mind every day. Some even on your unconscious mind and some of them are repeated too. All your negative thoughts thus must be flushed out. So, when you are looking to make money , then it means that you are in a tough position and this is the time when you will do anything in life to make things easier. And thus use your mind and think out of the box to make money. 1. Business Analyst Jobs Business analyst job is the one who interacts with stakeholders and important persons in the business and then notes down their queries and feedback. And as per those queries and feedback, he designs the business. He also gathers documents and other evidences for the same. The Business Analyst Jobs solve business problems and design technical solutions and thus this is the major responsibility of a business analyst. Business analyst is a must have requirement in today’s job. He is the one who does majority of the important work and he holds an important position in the organization. 2. Graphic Design Jobs Graphic Design Job is a quite an interesting and an emerging field of job. The field is relatively new and the best part with this Graphic Design Job opportunity is that it is remote. And thus you can work from a distant location and earn good money. Also, this is a way of communicating through illustrative and thus quite a beautiful job. Here under the Graphic Design Jobs can design and be creative and then communicate as beautifully as you want. But for graphic designing you need a specific degree and then only you will be able to work in this field. 3. Summer Jobs Summer jobs are honestly quite many in number and they are quite lucrative as well. Summer jobs refer to those jobs which you do when your summer vacation is going on. They can be both part time as well as a full time job. These jobs are quite varied in nature. And they can or cannot involve an educational degree. The pay check will also highly vary in summer jobs. Summer jobs can be anything right from teaching or painting for someone or even gardening or a car wash. You can continue or discontinue the same after your school opens. These jobs are mostly temporary in nature. 4. Medical Assistant Jobs Medical assistant jobs can also be both part time and full time. But for being a medical assistant you must require a medical degree. But you can be a medical student as well. Medical Assistant Jobs can be with a hospital or with a practicing doctor at his clinic or at home just like a care taker nurse. This job is quite interesting and it is extremely giving in nature. In Medical Assistant Jobs, you need to be mentally and technically sound because here you are dealing with the patients. And if anything goes wrong, then it can be tragically wrong. 5. Library Jobs Library Jobs are for someone who is a book lover. People love spending time in library, going through books, helping others read books and likewise. Library Job is something which a person who wants to stay connected with books will love. This again can be both a full time and a part time job. Library Jobs does not normally require any proper qualification and thus this is one of the most sought after job especially by the students. But there are many big libraries and university libraries who require only qualified people for such Library Jobs. 6. Marketing Jobs Marketing jobs are huge in the market and almost anyone right from a small shop to a big business house needs a marketing person. and this is the major reason why the demand of such jobs are quite high in the market. Marketing jobs can be anything in the market right from a desk job to a corporate job. And marketing jobs these days are considered to be the real game changer in the market. They may or may not require a professional degree depending on the nature of the job. These jobs can also be both part time and full time as well. 7. Data Analyst Jobs Sometime once said that the coming age will be all about data. And that is 100% true. Data is all over in the market but only the data will not serve any purpose and thus it is very important to have […]

Jobs For Moms
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Online platforms are quite comfortable for everyone. People keep looking for jobs that would provide them with flexible working hours, flexible days, or time. Even there are some jobs that allow you to work from home. Undoubtedly such jobs are quite comfortable and easier to do. And especially when it comes to moms then there is nothing better than Flexi jobs, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru. Working mother magazine has recently listed 100 of the best jobs for working mothers. According to the working mother winners of this year are focused on leaves based on gender neutrality, a gradual phase back after parental leave which is not only accessible but affordable at the same time. And the same time childcare is easy to handle. Online Companies For Working Moms Below listed are 38 companies that are flexible enough for working moms. The list is curated by flex jobs. Let’s see who all made to this list – Abbott – this is a healthcare research company founded in 1888 by Wallace C Abbott. The company is known to manufacture medicinal, nutritional, and surgical devices, tests, supplements, and pharmaceutical products. AbbVie – this is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Chicago. Here you can come up with advanced therapies and medicines that are designed to treat illness and medical conditions. Accenture – this is an outsourcing, technology, and management consulting company. More than 1,90,000 employees are engaged with this company in more than 120 countries. Adobe – A well-known software company where a range of products and services are designed based on your personal and professional needs. American Express – A global provider of financial goods and services. Baptist Health South Florida – This is a faith-based non-governmental organization that is one of the largest and provides exceptional services in its area to the community. Baxter – An established global leader who is known for its product development and manufacturing. The company has come up with many hospital and rental products, home dialysis, infusion system, biosurgery products, and much more. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts – the organization was founded in 1937. They are known to serve more than 3 million people. The company is known to provide health insurance plans, medical plans, young age plans, family plans, and a lot more. Ceridian – This one is serving more than 50 million people in 30 different countries. They are known to provide a variety of solutions and services including human capital management, payroll mechanism, employee wellness, and a lot more. Deloitte – A global business consulting company that focuses on audit, financial advisory, tax, and consulting services and has annual revenue of over $17 billion. Ernst & Young – A global financial service company that provides assurance, tax, transaction as well as advisory services. General Mills – There are more than 100 popular brands which include betty crocker, nature valley, Pillsbury, Haagen Dazs, fiber one, green giant, cheerios, and Yoplait. Grant Thornton – An international accounting firm that includes a number of professional services like audit, tax, and advisory services. Hasbro – A leading manufacturer of child’s entertainment products. Jones Lang LaSalle – Founded in 1783, offers construction, lease administration, assets, and much more. Johnson & Johnson – This is a family-owned and operated company that is known to provide health and wellness products. JPMorgan Chase – A financial firm that provides services related to wealth maximization. KPMG – A leading service provider in the case of tax, advisory, and audit services. Lexmark – A global service provider for products, software, and services for printing and imaging. Marriott – It is a hoteling and lodging company that includes many luxury chains of hotels all over the world. Merck – A global pharmaceutical company offering vaccines, biological therapies, and much more. MetLife – An insurance and financial services company, which has various instruments on offer like life insurance, accidental insurance, and much more. Microsoft – the company is known for coming up with computer hardware and software features. NewYork Presbyterian Hospital – This company is known to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. Novo Nordisk – An international healthcare company that is a leader in diabetic care. Principal Financial Group – they are known to offer retirement, asset management, investment, and insurance solutions. Procter & Gamble – They are known to advertise and distribute many consumer usage products. Prudential – Multi-billion dollar company that provides insurance range products. Pricewaterhouse Coopers – leading financial company which provides tax, advisory, and insurance solutions. RSM – An auditing, tax, and consulting firm. Sanofi – A life science and pharmaceutical company which concentrates on healthcare products. Sony – leading entertainment provider in India. Transamerica – a holding company that deals with life insurance and other investment decisions. UBS – A financial service firm that deals with asset management and banking services. Verizon – This is a global communication company that is recognized by many moms as being one of the most friendly companies for moms. Viacom – A media company that works for both small and big screens. Voya Financial – An award-winning provider of insurance and investment managements. Zoetis – manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.

Kick The Procrastination Habit
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I recently read about a survey (by the University of Chicago) which suggested that those who relish challenge are more likely to live up to 10 years longer than those who spend their lives inhibited by timidity. Trying to realise our ambitions, even if we don’t always meet them, is preferable to not having the courage or motivation to take the risk. So not making any resolutions because we fear that we’ll break them is having a defeatist attitude, as we allow procrastination to become an insidious habit which stops us from leading more fulfilling lives. The following offers 10 ways to kick the procrastination habit! 1. Personal values development. Take the time to find out what you really want in life, what your personal values are. Do you want more time, more money, better health, greater self esteem and confidence, more fulfilling relationships, a different career, set up a business? When we procrastinate it’s often because what we are planning to do is not really aligned with what we truly want. We may be scared of our skills (or perceived lack of) or fear ridicule from others. 2. Make health a priority. Without good health we are less likely to have the energy and dynamism needed to make positive changes in our lives and it’s easier (and necessary if you’re very ill) to procrastinate. So ensure that you have a nourishing diet, sleep well, exercise and meditate. Incidentally, it is thought that regular meditation helps delay the worst effects of the ageing process. 3. Visualise your life without procrastination. See and feel the benefits in your life if you didn’t procrastinate. What could you do and achieve? Begin to act as if you’re not a procrastinator. Write down, draw, imagine your life as a film. Use affirmations to help you. 4. Banish the Gremlin. That little voice which runs on auto in your head – that dismisses any idea that you might have. It says things like “I’m not in the mood” “I don’t have time” “I can’t do this”. Stop running on auto, replace the “should’s” “oughts” “have tos” with “want to” “desire”. You have a choice. Acknowledge your choices and banish the Gremlin. Again, using affirmations can help you replace the Gremlin with more positive alternatives. 5. Overcommitment. Saying “yes” to everything – often leaves you feeling tired and without the energy to focus on what is most important to you. This leads to procrastination as projects and tasks are dropped. Identify what is most important to you and only focus on those areas which will make the biggest difference to your life. It will enhance your focus and motivation. 6. Setting personal professional goals. It’s hard to motivate yourself when you don’t have a good idea of what you want to accomplish. So when setting goals think about what you want to achieve in the short term and long term. Techniques for doing so include the SMART strategy. S = specific M = measurable A= Action R = Realistic T = Time based. Use goal setting software to help you in goal planning and setting. 7. Prioritize Your Goals. Develop a plan or schedule to help you reach your goals. In doing so you will begin to identify whether some elements need to be included or enhanced or dropped completely. Also remember to be flexible, revisit your goals regularly and modify or drop if appropriate. Just because a goal is written down doesn’t mean that it is set in stone! 8. Divide and conquer. Once you’ve prioritised your goals, divide them into smaller chunks. Sometimes we procrastinate because a project seems really large that the scale of it overwhelms us and puts us into a temporary form of paralysis – you don’t know where to start, so you don’t start at all! Approach each project – especially large ones – on a step by step basis. 9. Reward yourself. Once you start to complete tasks, reward yourself by giving yourself something that you want. So instead of seeing a film before you complete a task, see it afterwards and make it a reward for you. 10. Just get started. No excuses. Don’t wait until you’re “in the mood”. The mood never comes! It is a clever camouflage and a delaying tactic. What you resist persists! Start with what is easiest, so that you experience immediate success, which will give you the fuel and motivation to upgrade and take on larger projects. Do any of the above and you’ll be well on your way to Kicking the Procrastination Habit. And if you’re procrastinating over doing any of the above :.), then remember that life is the biggest deadline of all!

Plymouth State University
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Admissions Current Students Undergraduate Graduate Academics Undergraduate Academic Programs This was earlier known as the Plymouth State College. The university is situated in Plymouth, State Hemisphere. More than 4200 undergraduate students and 2100 graduate students are getting their higher education from this university. Earlier in 1871 it was founded as the Plymouth Normal School. Since that time, the university has seen many different faces, be it state college, teachers college and finally in 2003 a state university. Currently the university is a part of the University System of New Hampshire. Plymouth state is a part of the 311 institutions which contributes to higher learning across the country. This is also a part of the Carnegie Foundation community engagement classification. The university is also known for it’s mission, culture, leadership, resources as well as practices which supports dynamic, cultural and emotional leadership. Academics Plymouth State university is known to offer a number of courses. Some of the most important and popular courses are – BA, BFA, BS, MA, MAT, MBA, MS, and MEd degrees, the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS), and the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Learning, Leadership, and Community. Currently Plymouth state is receiving accreditation from New England Association of schools and colleges, New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). When we are talking about the program specific accreditations, then Accreditation council for business schools and programs are the topmost priority here. Other than this some of the major graduate and undergraduate degrees include – Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) for athletic training; the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for social work; the Society of Public Health Education and the American Association of Health Education (SOPHE/AAHE) for health education; and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) for the Master of Education in Counselor Education, including mental health counseling and school counseling concentrations. Plymouth State university currently is providing 19 academic departments, out of which each department has a number of different study options and degree programs also accordingly. The most popular and well known majors among the students in Plymouth State university are business and education. Some of the other popular majors include physical education, health education, arts, social science, psychology and communication studies. in 2011, nursing degree was also added as a part of the undergraduate program. Since fall 2017, the university has changed it’s pattern. Now, they have switched to the cluster model. this cluster model has seven interdisciplinary areas in place of academic departments or colleges. The seven clusters are as follows : Arts and technology Education, democracy and social change Exploration and discovery Health and human enrichment Innovation and entrepreneurship Justice and security Tourism, environment and sustainable development This cluster approach is designed so that ease of communication and management could be enhanced in this digital age. Facilities Round hall This was built in 1890 and one of the most promising structure of this round hall is the iconic clock tower. Today you can find a number of academic departments and classrooms here. Major disciplines which are taught here are – anthropology, environmental science, geography, tourism management, and much more. Samuel Read Hall Building This was reopened in the spring of the year 1923. Now, the building focuses on human and environmental health and well being of every individual. This is also focused on social work and anthropology. Harold E Hyde Hall This was named after the Plymouth’s 10th president. This is presently a place where a number of academic programs are taught like college of business administration, department of criminal justice, languages and linguistics, maths and psychology. Boyd Science Center This is the heart of scientific research and study center. This building is named after the science professor Robert L Boyd. Here a number of graduate and undergraduate programs dedicated to science are taught. Alumni Some of the very prominent people have been a part of the distinguished list of Plymouth State University. Have a look here : Robin Alexis, radio television personality, author, and psychic Ed Ashnault (1960), collegiate baseball, basketball and football coach Don Brown (1996 M.Ed.), Defensive Coordinator, University of Michigan Joe Dudek, All-American collegiate football player, Heisman trophy finalist & former Denver Broncos player Sanna Ejaz, Pashtun women’s rights activist Ella Knowles Haskell (attended for one year), first woman to argue a case in the U.S. Supreme Court Jeffrey R. Howard (1978), U.S. Courts of Appeals judge Bill Morrissey (1971), American folk singer, attended that year but did not graduate Ethan Paquin, B.A., American poet Paul Reubens, actor known for his character Pee Wee Herman (did not graduate) Chris Romano, television producer, co-creator of Blue Mountain State Plymouth State University Motto Ut prosim (That I may serve) Type Public Established 1871 President Donald Birx Undergraduates 4,200 Postgraduates 2,100 Location Plymouth , New Hampshire , United States Campus Rural Athletics NCAA Division III – Little East Conference Nickname Panthers Affiliations NHCUC, USNH Mascot Pemi the Panther Website

Fitchburg State University
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Graduate Studies Admissions Faculty & Staff Current Students Undergraduate Studies 100% Online This is a public university which is situated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. There are over 3500 undergraduates and 1650 graduate continuing students which brings the total enrollment strength to 5200. There are over 25 different academic disciplines being offered under graduate and undergraduate category in the university. The main campus of the university is McKay Campus School which is occupied under the 79 acres area. The Fitchburg University was founded by the State Normal School in Fitchburg in the year 1894 by their state legislature. The university building has several halls. Some of the most important ones are given below – Hammond Hall – This one is known to contain the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library, the Information Desk, the Game Room, the Falcon Hub, the Follet Bookstore, the Campus Center Cafe, and the North Street Bistro. The third floor of this building has a student service center which houses tutor center, math center, writing center, disability services and counselling services. Amelia V Gallucci Cirio Library – This is the major and the biggest library on the campus which has more than 1 million books. You can also find journals and periodicals and even microfiche on the fourth floor. Even children books and young adult books are also available here. Thompson Hall – This was built in the year 1896 when the original university building was also being made. Now, this is more like a classroom building here. Here a nursing department is situated at present and there are number of labotaries and even a 10 bedded hospital. Edgerly Hall – This is also popularly known as the eight grade model and high school which was earlier called as the first of the many junior high schools in America. Now, you can find computer and maths labs here and here many computer and mathematics classrooms are also provided. Percival Hall – This is the place where behavioural science department is actually taught and thus you will find psychology, sociology and criminal justice here. Miller Hall – This is situated in close proximity to Percival hall and Thompson Hall. This is presently the house of history and English departments here. Anthony Student Service Center – This is the student service center situated on the campus itself where admissions, financial aids, student account, graduate and how to continue your education and many such assistance is provided. Dupont Facilities Building – This is the maintenance department of the school. Antonucci Science Complex – It has science classrooms, labotaries as well as departmental offices too. A 90 seat lecture hall is also present here. Conlon Arts Building – Here are the two buildings which are enclosed by the gateaway. At one building you see communication or media house whereas at the other you see industrial technology home and departments. Residence Hall The university campus is known to have six residence halls. Three of which are suite style, two are modern apartment and only one is the dormitory style. Aubuchon Hall, Mara Village and Russell Towers are the popular three suite halls. Apartment style residences are known as Townhouse apartments and North Street apartments. These ones are usually reserved for the upper star classroom. Dining facilities Holmes dining commons are known as the main dining hall at the campus. The dining hall spreads through the main north street and also can be seen through the main road as well. This is a buffet style dining hall and it is run by foodservice chartwells. The dining hall took $4 million pound for it’s renovation. Academics Fitchburg State University has adopted the Carnegie rule. This means that if you are a student and if you want to qualify for the full time student category then you need to take at least 4 classes per semester for the same. If a student is willing to complete their major in 4 years, then they need to take a minimum of 5 classes per semester. Some of the most common and high in demand majors of this college includes – Nursing, Communications Media, Education, Business administration and industrial technology. The university offers 56 undergraduate majors which is spread across 25 departments from biology to pre professional programs. More than 40 graduate and certificate program are also part of this university. Fitchburg State University Motto Perseverantia Type Public Established 1894 Endowment $19.9 million (2018) Budget $86 million (FY 2014) President Richard S. Lapidus Academic staff 194 full-time Students 7,569 (2018) Undergraduates 4,202 (2018) Postgraduates 3,367 (2018) Location Fitchburg , Massachusetts , United States 42°35′20″N 71°47′21″W / 42.588858°N 71.789167°W / 42.588858; -71.789167Coordinates: 42°35′20″N 71°47′21″W / 42.588858°N 71.789167°W / 42.588858; -71.789167 Campus Urban, 31.4 acres (0.13 km²) (main campus) 226.2 acres (0.92km²) total Colors Green and Gold           Athletics NCAA Division III – MASCAC, NEFC Nickname Falcons Mascot Falcon Website

University of Minnesota
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Academics Admissions and Aid Find a Job Athletics Onestop@Umn Contact Us University of Minnesota is situated in Minneapolis and Saint Paul in United States. The campus of the university is situated in Urban area and is spread across 2730 acres. The university has twin campuses which are approximately 3 Km apart. This twin city campus is the oldest and largest in the university of Minnesota. It is further spread through 19 colleges, schools and other major academic units. There are approximately 3900 faculty members who are part of national academy of sciences, national academy of engineering, institute of medicine, American academy of arts and science and many more. The university also encourages students to conduct their own research along with their major subjects and thus the university also attracts a huge number of students who are into research studies. University of Minnesota has faculty members, alumni and researchers who have won some notable prizes. There are 26 Nobel prize winners and 3 Pulitzer winners. The alumni of this university also includes two vice presidents of United States – Hubert Humphrey, Bob Dylan and Walter Mondale. They also the winners of Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016. This university was founded in 1851 in Minneapolis and it was founded as a part of the college prepatory school. The university was seen struggling in the early years and but soon after that donations and charities started coming in and the financial condition of the university improved a lot. 1867 was an important year for the university. This year the university received Morrill Act of 1862. In the year 1876, donation received from John S Pillsbury was utilized in saving the school. And since then the philanthropic Pillsbury is known as “Father of the University”. Even there is a hall which goes by the name of Pillsbury hall. The university has six interdisciplinary centers – center for cognitive sciences, consortium on law and values in health, environment and life sciences, Institute for advanced study, University of Minnesota, Institute of Translational Neuroscience, Institute on the environment, Minnesota Population center. In the year 2019, University of Minnestosa was ranked as 41st in the world by Academic Ranking of world universities. And in the year 2018, the university was ranked as 35th in the world and 25th in United States by the Center for World University rankings. In 2016, the university was ranked as 34th by the Nature Index. This was based on the basis of research publication from 2015. As per the academic ranking of world universities, the university obtained a rank of 11th in the world for mathematics. And when it comes to national statistics, then the university was ranked as 14th among the national other top universities. This ranking was awarded by the center for measuring university performance. The research and development expenditure of the university was ranked among 13th – 15th out of the major academic institutions in 2010. This ranking was obtained through 2015 National Science Foundation reports. Minnestosa is also listed in the 2001 Greenes Guide as a Public Ivy. And the US News and World report has ranked the Nursing Informatics program of the University as the second best in the nation. US News and World report in 2019 has predicted that University of Minnestosa can achieve the ranking of 4th in chemical engineering. The students and faculty members of University of Minnestosa has contributed to a wide range of discoveries. And most of them are in the field of food sciences and also health technology. Most of the public research funding of this university is advocated by the university itself. The university later became a prestigious member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory in the year 2007. The university is also known to develop Gopher. University of Minnestosa has a total of five campuses out of which twin cities one are the largest. There are approximately 50,000 students there. The campus has more than 300 research, education and outreach education centers with different subjects ranging from life sciences to public policy and research. There are approximately 143 undergraduate degree programs and 200 graduate degree programs. The students association of the university deals with the legal, human and social rights. Minnestosa Students association is one of the Government association of the university. University of Minnesota Motto Commune vinculum omnibus artibus (Latin) Motto in English A common bond for all the arts Type Public Flagship Land grant Space grant Established 1851 Academic affiliations University of Minnesota system AAU BTAA URA APLU Endowment $3.95 billion (2019)(System-wide) Budget $3.8 billion (2017) President Joan Gabel (since July 1, 2019) Provost Karen Hanson Academic staff 3,804 Students 49,148 (Spring 2020) Undergraduates 29,617 (Spring 2020) Postgraduates 11,553 (Spring 2020) Other students 7,978 (Spring 2020) Location Minneapolis and Saint Paul , Minnesota , United States 44°58′29″N 93°14′07″W / 44.974747°N 93.235353°W / 44.974747; -93.235353Coordinates: 44°58′29″N 93°14′07″W / 44.974747°N 93.235353°W / 44.974747; -93.235353 Campus Urban 2,730 acres (1,100 ha) Colors Maroon and Gold           Nickname Golden Gophers Sporting affiliations NCAA Division I – Big Ten, WCHA (Women’s ice hockey) Mascot Goldy Gopher Website

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